Sustainability at HAMBORNER

Sustainability strategy

HAMBORNER has positioned itself as a portfolio holder of commercial properties. Not least on account of our long-term planning and investment horizon, responsible and sustain­able corporate governance is a core element of our business.

The focus of HAMBORNER’s business activities is the generation of sustainable rental ­income, which is distributed to our shareholders in the form of continuously increasing dividends. Thus, HAMBORNER’s strategy takes all measures and efforts into account that contribute to the generation of appropriate and attractive distributions over a sustainable period and in the long term.

The basis for achieving sustainable cash flows is a modern property portfolio that can also be managed cost-effectively from an environmental point of view and meets tenants’ needs. Both our shareholders and our backers and stakeholders value the consideration of environmental and social aspects in our business activities. Long-term corporate success can be ensured only if economic, environmental and social aspects are implemented in the corporate strategy and in all business processes.

However, at HAMBORNER, aspects relevant to sustainability play a key role not just internally, but within the entire value chain as well. We carefully select our business partners and review them with regard to sustainability aspects and compliance with legal provisions and environmental, safety and social standards. Close ties and intensive dialogues with our stakeholders (shareholders, tenants, suppliers, service providers, authorities and employees) form an important basis for our business decisions. Regular active communication makes it possible to take the individual needs of different stakeholders into account, and to identify short- and long-term trends and ­thereby to adjust corporate and sustainability strategy accordingly.

Our sustainability strategy is formulated and evolved at the top level of management ­under the direct responsibility of the Management Board. The issues related to sustain­ability and the relevant processes implemented in the individual divisions and staff ­of­fices. The Management Board pursues the goal of permanently anchoring and gradually ­optimising the sustainability approach in corporate strategy.

Intergrity as a basis for sustainable governance

The following diagram illustrates the sustainability concept of HAMBORNER REIT AG:

The principle of integrity forms the essential foundation of our sustainable management in each of the three sustainability dimensions, “economy”, “ecology” and “social affairs”. Compliance with this principle is the requirement for sustainable business success and the foundation for our actions towards the environment and society.

Sustainability reports

We are delighted to present you our sustainability reports. It is intended bringing you closer to our understanding of the interconnectedness of the economic, ecological and social dimensions of sustainable corporate governance.

Sustainability Report 2017/2018
Sustainability Report 2017
Sustainability Report 2016
Sustainability Report 2015
Sustainability Report 2014
Sustainability Report 2013

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