Sustainability at HAMBORNER

We are delighted to present you our sustainability reports. It is intended bringing you closer to our understanding of the interconnectedness of the economic, ecological and social dimensions of sustainable corporate governance. Sustainability is more than just a synonym for environmentally friendly measures.
The responsible handling of the interests of all stakeholders - shareholders, backers, tenants and employees - is a crucial factor for HAMBORNER REIT AG.

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The following diagram illustrates the sustainability concept of HAMBORNER REIT AG

The four principles of integrity, fairness, transparency and professionalism form the essential foundation of our sustainable corporate governance in each of the three sustainability dimensions, “economy”, “ecology” and “social affairs”. Compliance with these principles is the requirement for sustainable business success and the foundation for our actions towards the environment and society.

Sustainability from three perspectives:

Corporate governance is the foundation for economically, ecologically and socially sustainable management

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