HAMBORNER REIT AG is a public company listed in the SDAX that operates exclusively in the property sector and is positioned as a portfolio holder for high-yield commercial properties. The company generates sustainable rental income on the basis of a diversified portfolio of properties distributed throughout Germany with a total value of around €1.5 billion. The portfolio focuses on modern office properties at established locations as well as attractive local supply properties as large-scale retail assets, retail parks and DIY stores in major German cities and mid-sized centres.

HAMBORNER REIT AG is distinguished by its many years of experience on the property and capital market, a consistent and sustainably attractive dividend strategy and its lean and transparent corporate structure. The company is a registered real estate investment trust (REIT) and benefits from corporation and trade tax exemption at company level.

Executive Bodies

Management Board

  • Das Porträt von Hans Richard Schmitz, Mitglied des Vorstands (COO/CFO) der HAMBORNER REIT AG.

Supervisory Board


HAMBORNER REIT AG is a stock corporation listed on the SDAX. It operates exclusively in the property sector and has positioned itself as an asset manager of commercial properties. The company has a diversified property portfolio that essentially consists of modern office properties in established locations, as well as retail properties focusing on local shops in city centre locations, neighbourhood centres, and high-footfall suburban locations in large and medium-sized cities in Germany.

On the Strategy

What is a REIT?

The term REIT indicates a public limited company whose assets exclusively consist of properties.

Corporate Governance

At HAMBORNER, maintaining and living out sound corporate governance is a top priority. Via a host of information and communications channels, our shareholders, all other capital market participants, financial market analysts, press and media representatives and our employees are regularly, promptly and comprehensively informed of the company’s situation.

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