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Code of Conduct of HAMBORNER REIT AG

As one of the leading asset managers for office and retail properties in Germany, we are well aware of our responsibility towards our shareholders, employees, our business partners and towards society and the environment. Values such as trust, responsibility and dependability form an important basis for our success.

For this reason, HAMBORNER REIT AG’s Code of Conduct forms a central and binding guideline for legal compliance and responsible ethics in our company. It describes basic rules and principles on which our day-to-day work is built.

The Code of Conduct provides guidance for the decisions, conduct and actions in relation to the following topics for everyone who works for the company:

  • Compliance and integrity
  • Protection against harassment, abuse and discrimination
  • Employee rights
  • International human rights
  • Prohibition and prevention of corruption, bribery and gratuities
  • Fair competition
  • Confidentiality, data protection and information security
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental protection

Code of Conduct for Business Partners of HAMBORNER REIT AG

We work with our business partners, tenants, suppliers and service providers on a basis of partnership that is defined by honesty, integrity and trust. However, the basic rules and principles should not be limited to our own activities and organisation. Rather we expect the same standards from our business partners and their subcontractors.

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners of HAMBORNER REIT AG defines specific requirements of our partners regarding strict compliance with statutory provisions and ethical standards along the full length of the value chain.

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