REIT Equity Ratio

Corresponds to the equity coverage ratio in accordance with section 15 in conjunction with section 12(1) sentence 2 of the German REIT Act, i.e. the ratio of equity (on a fair value basis) to the fair value of immovable assets. The equity on a fair value basis is calculated from the total reported equity and hidden reserves. Immovable assets at HAMBORNER consist of the property portfolio of the company and undeveloped land, consisting primarily of agricultural land and forests.

Equity ratio and financing strategy of HAMBORNER REIT AG

At HAMBORNER REIT AG, we are required to comply with the equity coverage ratio of at least 45% as codified in accordance with section 15 REITG in order to maintain the company’s status as a real estate investment trust. Compliance with the REIT equity ratio is therefore subject to ongoing monitoring.

The goal of our financing strategy is to ensure sustainable growth and the company’s stability. The company seeks to establish a sustainable and solid financing structure with a defensive loan-to-value (LTV) profile and high equity ratio, and also to provide sufficient, optimised liquidity at all times, coupled with a balanced structure and debt maturity. We intend to finance the future expansion of its property portfolio with a balanced mix of equity and debt capital. We strive to maintain a REIT equity ratio consistently above the legally required minimum of 45%.