Small cap index: German share index that, as a small cap index, comprises the 70 most important shares after the DAX and MDAX. The “S” for “small cap” refers to smaller companies with low market capitalisation and stock exchange turnover.

Composition and criteria for inclusion

The SDAX® focuses on smaller companies by tracking the performance of the 70 stocks that come after the MDAX® companies in terms of size and that satisfy minimum quality requirements. The selection of the index component is based on the free float market capitalisation. The index weighting of each individual stock is capped at 10%.

The basic criteria for the inclusion of companies in the SDAX are: an existing listing in the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB®), continuous trading on Xetra®, a minimum free float of 10%, a domicile or place of business in Germany, punctual publication of audited annual financial statements, half-yearly financial reports and quarterly statements.