Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting, alongside the management board and the supervisory board, is one of the three “executive bodies” of a stock corporation. It also refers to the actual shareholder assembly. A stock corporation’s shareholders exercise their rights at the annual general meeting. Above all, they do this by adopting resolutions. The annual general meeting is also an opportunity for shareholders to communicate with each other and with the management board and the supervisory board.

HAMBORNER REIT AG’s Annual General Meeting

The shareholders of HAMBORNER REIT AG exercise their rights at the Annual General Meeting that is held at least once per year. The Annual General Meeting makes decisions on all legally regulated issues with a binding effect for all shareholders and for the company. The Annual General Meeting is usually chaired by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Each share conveys one vote.

Who is entitled to take part?

Each shareholder who registers on time is entitled to take part in the Annual General Meeting. Shareholders who are unable to take part in person can have their right to vote exercised by a shareholder association, a bank, the proxies appointed by HAMBORNER who are bound by their instructions or another authorised representative of their choice.

Further information on the Annual General Meeting of HAMBORNER REIT AG

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting and all the documents required for resolutions are published in line with the requirements of the German Stock Corporation Act and posted on HAMBORNER’s website in the Annual General Meeting section.