German Corporate Governance Code / GCGC

The German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC) consists of key statutory regulations for the management and monitoring of listed German companies and contains internationally and nationally accepted standards for good and responsible corporate governance in the form of recommendations and suggestions.

The Government Commission for the German Corporate Governance Code formulates these recommendations and suggestions and reviews them annually to determine whether they are still consistent with best practice for good corporate governance or whether they need to be revised

The German Corporate Governance Code at HAMBORNER REIT AG

HAMBORNER REIT AG is fully committed to the German Corporate Governance Code.

Even before it was published for the first time, our company largely complied with the criteria listed in the Code for good corporate governance.
We initiated measures to implement the Code immediately after it became effective in August 2002. This work is still being continued in line with changing requirements today.

Regulations specific to the company

Our corporate governance standards remain closely based on the German Corporate Governance Code, which is why we still do not use regulations specific to the company.
There are no provisions of the Code that do not apply on account of other statutory provisions that take precedence at the current time.

The declaration of compliance

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of HAMBORNER REIT AG have issued a declaration of compliance in accordance with section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act at least once a year since the German Corporate Governance Code became effective.

The declaration of compliance is updated annually and can be found on our website.