Gut-Dämme-Straße 14
52070 Aachen
  • Asset Class


    Year of acquisition

  • Property size

    3,968 m2

    Usable floor

    10,059 m2
  • Main tenant

    Jobcenter Städteregion Aachen

    Fair value

    34,370,000 EUR
The photo shows a modern office building in Gut.

Property description

The property is located in Krefelder Strasse, approximately 3 km to the north of Aachen’s city centre and very close to the A4 autobahn. Krefelder Strasse is a highly frequented location on the periphery of the city centre. Its proximity to the city centre, excellent traffic connections and the usage structure already in place consisting of sports (CHIO riding stadium, football stadium), office/services, residential, commercial, retail and food service industry highlight the strength of the location.

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