Spinnereistraße 5a, 5b, 6-8
95445 Bayreuth
  • Asset Class


    Year of acquisition

  • Property size

    8,297 m2

    Usable floor

    9,036 m2
  • Main tenant

    Jobcenter Bayreuth,
    Schuhcenter Siemes,
    Haema AG

    Fair value

    17,950,000 EUR
The photo shows an office building in Bayreuth

Property description

Bayreuth is the largest city in Upper Franconia and the ninth-largest in the Free State of Bavaria. It is the service metropolis for the entire region with its around 230,000 residents and itself has a diverse industrial structure with a large number of high-tech companies. The property for sale comprises two buildings directly facing each other, separated by Spinnereistrasse. The “W building” has 3-4 floors and its anchor tenants are Synlab Weiden, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank and Techniker Krankenkasse. It has an area of around 5,100 sqm and around 78 parking spaces (underground and outside). The “P building” covers 2 stories and its anchor tenants are the Bayreuth Job Centre and Siemes Schuhcenter. It measures around 3,400 sqm and has around 104 parking spaces (underground and outside).

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