The portrait photo of Niclas Karoff, Chairman of the Executive Board of Hamborner Reit AG
“We’re a well-practised team” Interview with

Niclas Karoff

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr Karoff, why would you advise someone to apply to work with HAMBORNER REIT AG?

There are so many good reasons. We offer a professional working environment within the property industry. HAMBORNER REIT AG is established on the market. We’re defined by the fact that we’re a well-practised team that has been working together well for many years, both professionally and as people. You only need to look at our low staff turnover to see that. To keep things this way, our company has created an environment with a good work-life balance, modern social benefits and flexible work time models.

What are you looking for in applicants?

We work in multiple asset classes, so applicants should above all be interested in the variety of types of properties and how they are used. They have to tell us about who they are as people and what they can do, and they need to convince us that they’re passionate about the position they’re applying for. Lastly, we want every new employee to be an enrichment to our team who will help the company as a whole to keep moving forward.

What sets HAMBORNER REIT AG apart from other companies in the property industry?

Our company has existed since the 1950s, and that alone surely makes us something special in Germany. This continuity is reflected both in our long-term business model and in our corporate structure. A homogeneous team of people with many years of experience and younger employees allows a winning combination of solid expertise, new ways of looking at things and creative ideas. We have a special way of uniting tradition and future, and we make sure that cohesion remains high among all involved.