The Portrait of Martin Plöger, Letting Manager of the Hamborner Reit AG.
“We’re becoming noticeably more modern” Interview with

Martin Plöger

Letting Manager

Mr Plöger, what inspired you to join HAMBORNER REIT?

A classic recommendation. A colleague of my former employer had come to HAMBORNER REIT and encouraged me to follow him. That was exactly eight years ago and I’ve never regretted it. Around 50 of us are working here and it’s all very informal. That includes the Management Board as well – they’re not sealed off in their offices out of reach for the rest of us, on the contrary their door is always open. HAMBORNER REIT stands for short decision-making channels, and that’s something that I like a lot.

How would you describe HAMBORNER REIT in three words?

I’ll give you a whole sentence: A lot of things here are currently in a state of upheaval. We’ve had a new management team since last year. And you can see the effects of that all over the place in the company. For example, there’s the more intensive digitalisation of work processes, and cross-departmental work on projects as well.

What has been your most interesting work experience to date?

That’s an easy one: HAMBORNER is being affected by the problems that a lot of its tenants are facing because of the coronavirus pandemic as well. However, we’ve already found fair solutions for most of our locations.