The portrait photo of Michael Neba, accountant of the Hamborner Reit AG
“I can contribute my own ideas about ecological sustainability” Interview with

Michael Neba


What do you like best about your work?

I most enjoy working on my own responsibility and the chance to contribute my own ideas about ecological sustainability. That was also one of the reasons why I chose HAMBORNER. It already had some properties geared towards sustainability in its portfolio. Now, for example, I am taking care of NuOffice in Munich, a highly modern property with excellent susatinability standards.

Do you attempt to live sustainably in your private life as well?

I’ve installed a 4 kWh solar power system on my roof at home. We have a 4,000 litre rainwater tank in the cellar. And I have a heat pump and geothermal probe that goes 70 metres underground. And we’ve been driving a plug-in hybrid since March as well.

What do you feel are the company’s biggest challenges?

We have now started calculating our carbon footprint. Then we will be able to take measures to either reduce or compensate for our emissions. My own contribution is to get the company far enough that we can meet the constantly evolving ESG criteria.

How would you describe the company in a nutshell?

The future needs a solid foundation, and it’s important that we start transforming this foundation now. There’s still an enormous amount to do, but we’re on a good path because we’re taking the issues seriously. Recently, we bought a property that was built with reduced carbon emissions. That has to be our yardstick moving ahead.